Aberdeen, ‘Byron’, Sarah 093 (Anniv. Remix)

About today would be the 20 year anniversary of Aberdeen’s first single for Sarah Records, ‘Byron’, Sarah 093. Matt said it ‘would have been a Monday’ and I remember having the 16th written somewhere.

I’m sure everyone is tired of me messing with the old material, but I recently talked to Matt and Clare about using the recently archived multi-track tapes to do something for the 20th anniversary of the single.

While the original mixes have held up, it was agreed by Matt, the band, and I think even Steve Lamaq in review, they left a little to be desired by way of imagination and emotion. The band weren’t present for the original mix sessions by request of the engineer, who was working for us, in favor. The idea behind these mixes was to try to capture the ideas that would have been present had myself, and band been in attendance during mixing, as would happen in later efforts. 

Instead of adding new production as Ian Catt did in 2006, the idea was to remix them as close to the day’s standards as possible, while defining the band’s original vision for the material. No new instruments, no autotune, no fancy edits, or excessive virtual plug ins, and using the oldest, professional system I could. Just did the things the band would have wanted to hear, delays times set correctly, darker, dreamier sounds, and of course… MORE REVERB!

The songs will be available for a likely limited time, as free download from bandcamp.


Another live cassette recording archived, restored and available as free download. 

Aberdeen’s first real live gig was documented by a friend at the time, and has sat stored in a shoebox for the last 20 years in a fairly unlistenable state. With a little de-noising, and use of a powerful new EQ tool, was able to bring out some key qualities in the performance itself making it a share-worthy document. 

Shows at Brandt’s house were a great time for everyone who participated including and lifelong Indie-Pop friends were made from So-Cal to the UK. The set, consists of 3 covers (just songs we liked at the time) and 3 songs that would later become part of our recorded output. 

Download includes some nice pics of the original cassette and PDF notes.


Aberdeen didn’t play many shows, few were documented, and even fewer of any discernible quality. This recording was made from a friend and fan, at one of our regular venues, The Haven, an independent coffeehouse in Pomona, CA.

Includes two unreleased songs, live versions of Sarah records singles, and songs that would appear later on the ‘Homesick’ album debut along with a cover of The Pastels’ ‘Baby Honey’.

The cassette tape source, archived, edited, and mastered, is now available as a free download with PDF artwork and credits
The Haven 3/95 (Remastered) by Aberdeen


Invoice for ‘Byron’ recording sessions, Paramount Recordings Studios, Hollywood, CA, 7/16/94

20 years ago today…


Sunny In California (Part Time Punks Session)

From the forthcoming ‘Three Wishes : Part Time Punks Sessions’, a split release with 14 Iced Bears and The June Brides. 

Recorded live June 4th, 2011, at The Committee To Keep Music Evil HQ, originally intended as a KXLU session for Part Time Punks.

A friend shared this on facebook today. The Heavenly, Lois 1994, K Records Tour schedule. Aberdeen opened the Alligator Lounge show.

Members of Aberdeen resurface with a new Project, The Luxembourg Signal, single reviewed by Buzzbads.la


"Although it isn’t scheduled to be released until mid-2015, the cover of Popkiss: The Life and Afterlife of Sarah Records is complete and we’d like to share it with you. 

Now all we need is for Michael White to finish writing the book! Read about Michael’s plans for the book here.

Michael, what’s the hold up?! :)

The first ever remix of Aberdeen’s second single for Sarah Records, Fireworks, Sarah 097, courtesy of Alejandro Cohen (Languis, Pharaohs). 

Ale is a longtime friend and collaborator, the circumstances of this friendship beginning with a meeting and discussion of the remix of this very material, nearly 10 years ago. 

With the original master tapes recently archived digitally, it only seemed right to revisit the idea.